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Illegal Take and Trade of Marine Turtles in the IOSEA region

WWF-IOSEA Fact sheet based on the IOSEA synthesis paper

Executive Summary and Full Draft Synthesis paper

Further reading

Marine turtle trade online news featured on the IOSEA Website and on other websites

List of organisations active in the fight against marine turtle trade in the IOSEA region

How you can get involved

Activities of the IOSEA Working Group to address issues related to marine turtle trade


Marine turtle trade online news featured on the IOSEA Website and on other websites

Marine turtle trade online news featured on the IOSEA Website and on other websites since 2000 are listed below (chronologically, from newest to oldest). Most of these are derived from the bibliography that served to compile the IOSEA Synthesis paper.


Articles published on the IOSEA website

— IOSEA Profile of the Month. May 2015. Learn and take action: Illegal Take and Trade of Marine Turtles.

— IOSEA Message Board. 24 April 2015. TRAFFIC April Newsletter: Illegal wildlife crime tackled.

— IOSEA Headline. 16 April 2015. Indonesia: Green turtles traded, eaten in Sumba.

— IOSEA Message Board. 9 April 2015. Kasane conference to curb wildlife crime.

— IOSEA Message Board. 3 April 2015. Marine Turtle Newsletter No.144 available online.

— IOSEA Headline. 1 April 2015. Marine turtle poaching is an Asean problem.

— IOSEA Headline. 12 March 2015. Fewer turtles ending up in the pot in major Chinese city.

— IOSEA Message Board. 12 March 2015. Significant reduction in marine turtle trafficking in Beihai, China.

— IOSEA Message Board. 4 March 2015. New Fact Sheet on illegal take and trade in marine turtles!

— IOSEA Message Board. 2 March 2015. Symposium examines approaches to tackling wildlife crime.

— IOSEA Message Board. 16 February 2015. Indonesia: Marine turtle shell-based souvenirs fell off in Berau.

— IOSEA Feature. 2 February 2015. Take your part in combatting wildlife crime online!

— IOSEA Headline. 21 January 2015. Singapore intercepts marine wildlife bound to China.

— IOSEA Headline. 30 December 2014. Maldives: Call for action as images of turtle slaughter surface.

— IOSEA Feature. 22 December 2014. Marine turtle conservation in the spotlight of workshop in Kuwait.

— IOSEA Headline. 7 December 2014. Philippines: 147 hawksbill turtles seized in Palawan.

— IOSEA Message Board. 4 December 2014. WWF and TRAFFIC applaud global commitments to combat wildlife crime.

— IOSEA Headline. 25 November 2014. Vietnam: Over 1,000 turtles bound for illegal export to China.

— IOSEA Headline. 15 November 2014. Malaysia: Kudat mini zoo comes under criticism.

— IOSEA Headline. 12 November 2014. Pakistan: Bid to smuggle green turtles abroad foiled.

— IOSEA Message Board. 7 November 2014. Indonesia: PROFAUNA meets village chiefs in Berau.

— IOSEA Profile of the Month. November 2014. Seventh Meeting of IOSEA Signatory States - Summary Report.

— IOSEA Message Board. 20 October 2014. MoU to reduce illegal wildlife trade online signed.

— IOSEA Headline. 11 October 2014. China’s Internet companies join wildlife trade battle.

— IOSEA Headline. 8 October 2014. China: Buddhist ‘life release’ breeds illegal trade in Hainan.

— IOSEA Headline. 1 October 2014. Indonesia arrests endangered marine species traders.

— IOSEA Headline. 28 September 2014. Australia: Plan to tackle turtle poachers “muddle-headed”.

— IOSEA Headline. 27 September 2014. Australia: Illegal traders of turtle meat targeted.

— IOSEA Feature. 18 August 2014. Indonesian wildlife crime is still rampant, according to NGO.

— IOSEA Headline. 7 June 2014. Indonesia, Malaysia, PH, Vietnam to fight turtle trade.

— IOSEA Headline. 6 June 2014. Malaysia: Turtles becoming a washed-up problem.

IOSEA Headline. 4 June 2014. Chinese poachers target ‘pawikan’.

IOSEA Headline. 24 May 2014. Comoros: Turtle Day, a unique celebration.

IOSEA Headline. 16 May 2014. Environmental groups slam sea turtle poaching by China.

IOSEA Headline. 16 May 2014. Petition urging prosecution of Chinese poachers in turtle slaughter.

IOSEA Headline. 13 May 2014. Madagascar: La viande de tortue de mer tue six enfants.

IOSEA Headline. 13 May 2014. Philippines: 9 Chinese poachers charged in Palawan.

IOSEA Headline. 11 May 2014. Philippines: Int’l gang seen in turtle poaching.

IOSEA Headline. 9 May 2014. Philippines: Marine turtle poaching in Palawan alarming.

— IOSEA Headline. 7 May 2014. Sea turtles a flash point in South China Sea dispute.

— IOSEA Headline. 17 April 2014. Malaysia: Another merciless killing of sea turtles in Sabah.

— IOSEA Headline. 9 April 2014. Comoros: “Avoir zéro braconnage d’ici 2015”.

— IOSEA Headline. 5 March 2014. Indonesian Council of Ulema Issues Fatwa to Protect Wildlife.

— IOSEA Headline. 2 March 2014. 42,000 sea turtles killed legally last year.

— IOSEA Headline. 5 February 2014. Thailand: Illegal wildlife vendors netted in Phuket.

— IOSEA Headline. 4 February 2014. Indonesia: Protecting Padang’s sea turtles.

— IOSEA Headline. 25 January 2014. Sri Lanka: Three nabbed for slaughtering sea turtles.

— IOSEA Headline. 24 January 2014. Fiji: Turtle "No Take" policy enforced.

— IOSEA Headline. 13 January 2014. Sri Lanka: massive turtle racket exposed.

— IOSEA Feature. 30 December 2013. Tough action proposed to combat illegal turtle trade in Madagascar.

— IOSEA Headline. 13 December 2013. Sabah: more needs to be done to curb turtle egg trading.

— IOSEA Headline. 14 November 2013. Australia: fines tripled for dugong and turtle killers.

— IOSEA Message Board. 13 November 2013. ProFauna and Turtle Foundation Call a Halt to Turtle Trade.

— IOSEA Headline. 7 November 2013. Vietnam: illegal hunting of sea turtles runs rampant.

— IOSEA Headline. 4 November 2013. Two Malaysian fishers nabbed in Palawan.

— IOSEA Headline. 31 October 2013. Philippines: villagers butcher 300kg leatherback.

— IOSEA Headline. 6 October 2013. Malaysia: sea turtle egg smuggling on the rise.

— IOSEA Headline. 22 October 2013. 13 Vietnamese held for sea turtle poaching.

— IOSEA Headline. 19 October 2013. California and Indonesia in pact to protect leatherbacks.

— IOSEA Headline. 12 October 2013. India: dead leatherback found in Crawford market raid.

— IOSEA Headline. 28 August 2013. Indonesia: Sea turtles, eggs need protection.

— IOSEA Headline. 22 August 2013. Indonesia: Turtle egg thefts out of control – WWF.

— IOSEA Headline. 10 July 2013. Malaysia: Turtle eggs on sale at Serikin market.

— IOSEA Headline. 8 July 2013. India: Six gang members arrested for poaching Olive Ridley.

— IOSEA Feature. 19 June 2013. The marine turtle hunters of Southwest Madagascar.

— IOSEA Headline. 6 June 2013. Malaysia: Marine cops praised for seizing turtle eggs.

— IOSEA Headline. 4 May 2013. Indonesia: Some 2,000 smuggled turtle eggs seized in Balikpapan.

— IOSEA Headline. 17 April 2013. Indonesia: East Kalimantan Islanders Threaten Turtle Survival.

— IOSEA Message Board. 11 April 2013. TRAFFIC: China's marine turtle trade highlighted.

— IOSEA Message Board. 3 April 2013. Report of widespread ‘secret’ slaughter of sea turtles in Maldives.

— IOSEA Headline. 28 March 2013. Maldives: Police assist with sea turtle rescue.

— IOSEA Headline. 27 March 2013. Indonesia: Tainted turtle meat kills at least 3 kids, poisons hundreds.

— IOSEA Headline. 13 March 2013. Philippines: Why save the sea turtles?

— IOSEA Feature. 22 February 2013. International sea turtle symposium touches down in chilly Baltimore.

— IOSEA Message Board. 21 February 2013. TRAFFIC: Hands-on training for enforcement officers in Myanmar.

— IOSEA Headline. 5 February 2013. Contraband threatens Indonesia sea turtle.

— IOSEA Headline. 25 January 2013. Indonesia: Illegal turtle trade returns to old scheme.

— IOSEA Headline. 22 January 2013. Three arrested in Indonesia over green turtle trade.

— IOSEA Headline. 21 January 2013. Indonesia: Green turtle smuggling continues.

— IOSEA Headline. 29 December 2012. 22 turtles saved in latest bust on Bali smugglers.

— IOSEA Headline. 14 December 2012. Indonesia: Trafficking of protected species on the rise.

— IOSEA Headline. 10 December 2012. 33 endangered turtles saved from Bali smugglers.

— IOSEA Headline. 29 November 2012. Philippines: Navy saves 100 turtles.

— IOSEA Headline. 12 November 2012. Koh Lanta officials blame turtle soup for ‘strange’ outbreak.

— IOSEA Headline. 1 October 2012. Sea turtle population under threat in East Kalimantan.

— IOSEA Headline. 17 September 2012. Marine biologist discovers turtle, shark slaughter in Maldives.

— IOSEA Headline. 28 August 2012. Malaysia: Sale of turtle eggs widespread in Sandakan.

— IOSEA Headline. 9 August 2010. Malaysia: X-rated egg rush in Terengganu.

— IOSEA Headline. 7 August 2012. Indonesian authorities save turtle eggs from smugglers.

— IOSEA Headline. 3 August 2012. Malaysia: Ban turtle egg sale, state urged.

— IOSEA Headline. 28 July 2012. Malaysia: Ban turtle egg sale, state urged.

— IOSEA Headline. 17 July 2012. Malaysia: Lifeline for turtles.

— IOSEA Headline. 15 July 2012. Locals helping Chinese poachers, officials say.

— IOSEA Headline. 15 July 2012. Conservationists want trade ban on turtle eggs.

— IOSEA Headline. 4 July 2012. Viet Nam: Police raid sea turtle slaughterhouse in south.

— IOSEA Headline. 21 May 2012. Philippines goes after sea turtle restaurants.

— IOSEA Headline. 20 May 2012. ‘Pawikan’ meat sold in Cebu barangay.

— IOSEA Headline. 8 May 2012. Hope remains in conserving Malaysia’s three turtle species.

— IOSEA Headline. 28 April 2012. Malaysia: ‘Do more to stop turtle cruelty’.

— IOSEA Headline. 28 April 2012. India: Former poachers turn turtle protectors.

— IOSEA Headline. 25 April 2012. Philippines: Dead sea turtles, corals seized in Vietnamese boat.

— IOSEA Headline. 8 April 2012. WWF Malaysia urges government to ban eating of turtle eggs.

— IOSEA Headline. 14 March 2012. Australia: LNP faces backlash on hunting laws.

— IOSEA Headline. 10 March 2012. Australia: Outcry as hunters’ cruelty exposed.

— IOSEA Headline. 9 March 2012. Vietnam makes great efforts to conserve sea turtles.

— IOSEA Headline. 8 February 2012. Sea turtle poaching and high demand in China.

— IOSEA Headline. 19 January 2012. Consumers urged to be selective during New Year festivities.

— IOSEA Headline. 13 October 2011. Malaysia: MOF seizes 5,000 turtle eggs.

— IOSEA Headline. 19 September 2011. More than 100 sea turtles seized, and what’s next?

— IOSEA Headline. 4 September 2012. Coast guard lauds 3 fishers who freed rare marine turtle.

— IOSEA Headline. 4 August 2011. Poaching does occur along nesting beaches in Terengganu.

— IOSEA Headline. 3 August 2011. Ban turtle eggs trade in Malaysia: WWF.

— IOSEA Headline. 2 August 2011. Trafficked sea turtles seized in Binh Dinh.

— IOSEA Headline. 29 July 2011. No sale of Terengganu turtle eggs, says board.

— IOSEA Headline. 19 July 2011. Indonesia: On the hunt for turtle eggs.

— IOSEA Headline. 19 July 2011. Malaysia: Probe into claims on turtle egg promotion.

— IOSEA Headline. 5 July 2011. Indonesia: Sea turtle smugglers hooked in Bali.

— IOSEA Headline. 30 June 2011. KWS arrest fishermen for killing prized green turtle.

— IOSEA Headline. 29 June 2011. India: Poaching of turtle nests rampant.

— IOSEA Headline. 23 May 2011. Pakistan: Illegal sale of turtles in Sindh still continues.

— IOSEA Headline. 16 May 2011. Turtle poaching still rampant on Enggano Island.

— IOSEA Headline. 12 May 2011. Philippines seizes huge cargo of turtles, corals.

— IOSEA Headline. 8 April 2011. Warrior Reef turtles ‘targeted’ by PNG nationals.

— IOSEA Headline. 26 March 2011. Sri Lanka: Fined for possessing turtle eggs.

— IOSEA Headline. 6 February 2011. 34 endangered turtles rescued in south Palawan.

— IOSEA Headline. 25 December 2010. SFC, GOF clamp down on illegal turtle eggs trade.

— IOSEA Headline. 15 December 2010. Singapore: Animal-parts smuggling on the rise.

— IOSEA Headline. 18 November 2010. Endangered Sea Turtles Saved in Bali.

— IOSEA Feature. 16 November 2010. Estimating the artisanal catch of sea turtles in southwest Madagascar.

— IOSEA Headline. 11 November 2010. Thousands of turtles captured in Madagascar despite ban.

— IOSEA Headline. 8 November 2010. Brunei: Turtle eggs on sale: blackmarket Style.

— IOSEA Headline. 22 October 2010. Malaysia: 2 turtles saved from the pot.

— IOSEA Headline. 7 October 2010. Malaysia: Agency seizes sea turtle carcasses from vessel.

— IOSEA Headline. 29 September 2010. Turtle poacher gets five months in federal prison.

— IOSEA Headline. 14 September 2010. Phuket sea gypsies perform turtle exorcism ritual.

— IOSEA Headline. 13 September 2010. Mayotte – Massacres de tortues: ça continue.

— IOSEA Headline. 30 August 2010. Malaysian police seize smuggled turtle eggs.

— IOSEA Headline. 23 August 2010. Malaysia: Hand signs that spell illegal egg trade.

— IOSEA Headline. 16 August 2010. Turtle eggs sold at market may be from neighbouring states.

— IOSEA Headline. 7 August 2010. Vietnamese poachers in Palawan fined P4.5M each.

— IOSEA Headline. 30 July 2010. Turtle Islands: Hundreds of nautical miles away from justice.

— IOSEA Headline. 28 June 2010. Phuket turtle poisoning: Three villagers die.

— IOSEA Headline. 8 June 2010. Malaysia — Wanted: laws with bite.

— IOSEA Headline. 8 June 2010. Stronger law enforcement pushed for Palawan.

— IOSEA Headline. 20 April 2010. Brunei: Smuggling of turtle eggs rampant in region.

— IOSEA Headline. 8 April 2010. One dead, dozens treated after consuming turtle meat.

— IOSEA Headline. 13 March 2010. India: Green turtle rescued from poachers.

— IOSEA Feature. 11 March 2010. UPDATE: Endangered marine turtles rescued in Bangladesh.

— IOSEA Headline. 10 March 2010. Malaysian turtles face extinction: WWF.

— IOSEA Headline. 6 March 2010. NZ helps bust illegal trade ring.

— IOSEA Headline. 12 February 2010. Indonesia: Padang Beach ‘turtle egg market’.

— IOSEA Headline. 11 February 2010. Bangladesh: Marine turtles in danger.

— IOSEA Headline. 9 February 2010. Poachers of endangered Olive Ridley turtle nabbed.

— IOSEA Headline. 20 January 2010. Ban on Fiji sea turtle harvesting extended.

— IOSEA Feature. 21 December 2009. The pillaging of Indonesia’s green turtles continues.

— IOSEA Feature. 21 October 2009. Eritrea’s Ministry of Marine Resources warns against killing sea turtle.

— IOSEA Feature. 5 June 2009. Workshop on regional cooperation to address direct capture of sea turtles.

— IOSEA Feature. 28 February 2008. South-East Sulawesi supplies poached turtles to Bali.

— IOSEA Headline. 6 September 2007. Poaching of turtles in wildlife sanctuary assailed.

— IOSEA Feature. 14 September 2006. Indonesian NGO voices concern over illegal turtle trade.

— IOSEA Feature. 3 July 2006. ProFauna makes appeal to stop Indonesian sea turtle trade.

— IOSEA Feature. 12 May 2006. Green turtles seized in Bali Indonesia.

— IOSEA Feature. 24 February 2006. Boatload of smuggled sea turtles seized in Bali.

— IOSEA Profile of the Month. January 2006. Lessons Learned from the Philippine Turtle Islands.

— IOSEA Feature. 19 October 2005. Indonesian religious decree to protect marine turtles.

— IOSEA Feature. 16 July 2005. Kenyan survey reveals trade in sea turtle products rampant along coast.

— IOSEA Profile of the Month November 2005. The Tanzania Turtle and Dugong Conservation Programme.

— IOSEA Feature. 4 November 2004. Bali Marine Police confiscate sea turtles -- 45 are released alive.

— IOSEA Profile of the Month December 2003. Community-based nest protection programme at Kosgoda, Sri Lanka.


Articles published on other websites

— Appelson, G. 2010. Internet Creates New Market for Illegal Endangered Species Products. Sea Turtle Conservancy Newsletter Winter 2000.

Bernama.com. 2008. Turtle Eggs From Sabah And Philippines Sold In Terengganu, Says Expert. Bernama, Malaysian National News Agency. April 16, 20:39 PM.

— BluePeace. 2011. Maldives allows harvesting of endangered turtles’ eggs: isn’t it the high time Maldives outlawed all marine turtle egg consumption. BluePeace Blog Post, 4 June.

— BornFree. 2013. Wins and losses in the illegal sea turtle trade. 6 June.

CCPJ. 2013. Resolution 22/6: Promoting international cooperation and strengthening capacity to combat the problem of transnational organized crime committed at sea.

CCPJ. 2011. Resolution 20/5: Combating the problem of transnational organized crime committed at sea.

— CITES. 2014. Press Release: CITES Secretariat welcomes London Declaration on the Illegal Wildlife Trade.

CITES. 2013. First global meeting of wildlife enforcement networks highlights importance of cross-border cooperation to combat transnational organized wildlife and forest crime. 7 March.

CITES. 2013. G8 Leaders commit to fight against illegal trafficking in wildlife.

CITES 2013. ICCWC delivers specialized training for wildlife law enforcement officers. Increased collaboration between African and Asian countries encouraged.

— CITES. 2011. The International Consortium on Combating Wildlife Crime. Information Note.

— Comores-Web. 2010. Mayotte: Dépecer les tortues vivantes pour garder la viande fraiche...

— INTERPOL. 2010. INTERPOL co-ordinated operation targeting illegal trade in endangered reptiles leads to arrests and seizures worldwide. Media release, 2 November.

— INTERPOL. 2010. INTERPOL co-ordinated operation targets illegal trade in wildlife medical products. Media release, 5 March.

— Minivan News. 31 March 2013. Widespread ‘secret’ slaughter of endangered sea turtles despite ban; “very tasty” say killers.

— Moheli Marine Park. 2009. Les braconniers de tortues défient les efforts de protection du PMM. Mwana Wa Nyamba, Journal du Parc Marin de Mohéli N° 001 Octobre / novembre 2009, Comoros.

— New Straits Times. 2004. Cheaper Green Turtle eggs from Sabah a much sought-after item. In Chan, E.H. 2004. Turtles in Trouble. Siri Syarahan Inaugural KUSTEM: 7. Kolej Universiti Sains dan Teknologi Malaysia (now known as Universiti Malaysia Terengganu).

— Niaina, N. 2012. Trafic d’espèces dans le littoral Sud: cinq tortues marines tuées toutes les semaines. NewsMada, July 7.

— Pacific Asia Travel Association. 2012. Grant 2012 - Community Conservation Centre (CCC) Development and Nature Guide Training for Koh Phra Thong Lions Homestay Group at Lions Village and Tha Pae Yoi Village, Phra Thong Island, Kuraburi District, Phang Nga, Thailand. PATA.

— Raheriniaina. 2012. Diana: Le massacre des tortues de mer fait rage. L'Express de Madagascar. 4 July.

— Randriamampianina, M. 2012. Les tortues marines à nouveau au cœur des trafics. Facebook page, 6 July at 20:25.

— Reef Doctor. 2014. Marine Management.

Sea Sense. 2014. Turtle meat poisoning. Sea Sense Newsletter. January-March.

— SGP. 2014. Hengam Island Conservation VS. Tourism for Dolphins and Turtles.

— SGP. 2012. Community based marine turtle conservation & community livelihood development program by Turtle Conservation Project.

— Stein-Rostaing, R. 2013. The Marine Turtle Hunters of SW Madagascar. ReefDoctor, 12 July.

— TRAFFIC. 2012. SAWEN officials prioritize efforts to combat illegal wildlife trade in South Asia. 7 June.

— TREE Foundation. 2014. TREE Foundation's Turtle Walk 2014. Facebook page.

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White House. 2013. Fact sheet: U.S. Efforts to Combat Wildlife Trafficking. 1 July.

— Wildlife Extra. 2012. Hainan Island identified as a major hub for illegal sea turtle trade. August.

— Wildlife Extra. 2008. 101 critically endangered hawksbill turtles found dead on Vietnamese fishing boat. 29 August.

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